Applications of Computer

1. Computers for education

Importance Of Computers - Education, Business, Health, Entertainment

Computers are used in education. Computers have made their permanent place in classrooms and libraries. Where they have become essential to the learning process such as searching and scanning the books, generals, and magazines. At the library people read magazines and generals directly from a computer terminals without having to search the shelves.

Computerized tutorials can teach students, test for understandings and make the student learn depending upon the basis that how the student has learnt in the classroom. Students may use computers to develop science projects, prepare reports and gather information from all over the world.

2. Computers in scientific use

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Computers can be used scientifically to develop hypothesis, collect and analysis, test data and exchange information electronically with colleagues throughout the world. Scientist can use computers to stimulate complex events such as predicting what damage earthquake is going to do and what will be its intensity.

3. Computers in medicine and health care

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In medical field computers are used for multipurpose task such as diagnose the disease, capture and transmit photographs of internal problems that previously can be seen only during exploratory surgery, monitoring patients at their bed side. Eg. Place makers are computers that operate within the human body to help it function better.

4. Engineering

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A product designed with the computer can be more productive than with pencil and paper. While designing a product with a computer, Engineer make an electronic model by describing all three dimensions of the object and object can be seen from different views. On paper, different drawing for each view is to be produced. Computer aided design or CAD used for designing objects with a computer.

5. Computers in manufacturing

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Computers play important role in product design. In some factories, computers control virtually everything. Example, automobile plants use robots to perform tasks such as painting, welding and cutting and bending metal for body parts. Manufacturing with computers and Robotics is also called Computer aided manufacturing or CAM.

6. Legal practice and law enforcement to computer.

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Lawyers can create their own databases for cases involving special judgment and hearing. The result of the hearing can be seen on the computer screen just the second after the actual statement is made. Today one can see computers in the court room and it can be used to translate all the statements into readable text. Law enforcement agencies such as forest department use mobile computers. The mobile computer give the car license number for reference and can tell the officer details like who is the owner of the car, whether it was reported, stolen or not.

The technique commonly known as, DNA fingerprinting is very widely used in forensics lab. Example it can be identified someone from the traces of blood, skin or hair left at Crime scene. The patterns collected from the crime site provide useful inputs for the analysis carried out with the help of computers.

7. Computers at home

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The personal computers have become common in people home for caring on the Record Keeping and maturity of household activities. Microwave, oven, washing machines, dishwashers, uses small computers to run them effectively. Computer communication have made internet very popular among home computers. User internet is a worldwide network of computers that enable people to find and share information, discuss topics of common interest and even advertise and sell products.

8. Business through computers

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Computers are used to handle primary business functions as accounting, inventory and pay role. Now computers became integral part of modern society. Office people use them to write letters, manage products, find information and communicate with co-workers. Most sales people who are mostly mobile carries portables computers known as laptops or notebooks. Computers are also used in accounting department for recording accounts, receivable and accounts payable, organizing and many plating large set of numbers. Now, they considered as essential commodity. Today even in small business as single person can effort to set up accounting system using personal computers.

9. Computers in theatre, film and Television

Computer Animation / Computer Animation

The theatre technicians use co-coordinated computers, controlled lightning to brighten or aim the stage.  The motion picture industry has achieved computerized special effects. Movies now contain many visual tricks that could never be performed without the help of computers. Computer animation involves creating images of people or other creature on a computer and then making the images appear to move against the real or computer generated background. Example, the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were created using computer animation.