A branch of biology that deals with the heredity and variation of organisms. It studies how living things receive common traits from previous generations.

History of DNA

1865 : Gregor Mendel tells about the importance of “Factor” inheritance in pea plant. 1944 : Avery, Macleod and McCarty conduct experiment that shows DNA, not protein, causes bacterial transformation. 1953 : article by Watson and Crick in nature describes the structure of DNA for which they later win the Nobel prize. 1956 : Human …

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Cell division

•In prokaryotic cells, reproduction is simple, because prokaryotic cells possess a single molecule. binary fission takes place in prokaryotic cells of simple single-celled organisms such as bacteria. •In eukaryotic cells, multiple chromosomes must be copied and distributed to each of the new cells, and so cell reproduction is more complex. •Cell division in eukaryotes takes …

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