Do blind people dream in visual images?

Yes, Blind People Dream, Too

Blind people can and do dream, though their dreams can be somewhat different from those of sighted people. The type of imagery a blind person has in their dreams can also vary, depending on when they lost their sight. Many sighted people tend to have very visual dreams, so if you aren’t blind, you might wonder whether blind people also have visual dreams. Theories on this vary, but it’s generally thought that both people born blind (congenital blindness) and people who become blind later in life have less visual imagery in their dreams than people who aren’t blind.

So blind people who lose their sight before the age of 5 usually don’t see images in their dreams. According to this train of thought, the later in life a person loses their sight, the more likely they are to continue having visual dreams. People with congenital blindness may also be more likely to experience dreams through taste, smell, sound, and touch. Those who became blind later in life appeared to have more tactile (touch) sensations in their dreams.