In general, fruit juice is not healthier than whole fruit. Even if the juice is freshly squeezed on the spot, drinking the juice is less healthy than eating the fruit whole.

You may be tempted into thinking that since fruit juice comes straight from the fruit, it must be nutritionally equivalent. But such thinking is wrong.

One glass of fruit juice:-

  • Low fibre
  • Full for 30-45 minutes
  • Raises blood sugar
  • Can lead to weight gain
  • Nutrient lost

One whole fruit:-

  • High fibre
  • Full for 2 hours
  • Maintains blood sugar
  • Aids weight loss
  • No nutrient lost


3 MEDIUM APPLES                                                      =1 CUP APPLE JUICE
13g of fibre: keeps you full for long, prevents sugar from getting absorbs fastno fibre raises blood sugar fast
The peel contains antioxidants and anti-obesity compoundsPractically, a sugar shot with some minerals and vitamins
Reduce the risk of diabetes, cholesterol and obesityIncreased risk of diabetes and obesity