Perfect tea for any mood

Love a strong cup of tea? You’re not alone. It’s the most popular beverage in the world after plain water. For nearly five thousand years, people have been enjoying tea. There are several different types including black, oolong, green, and white tea. They all come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, but the difference lies in how the leaves are treated after they are harvested.

What mood are you in? You could probably accompany every mood with a tea of a different color. There some perfect tea for any mood swings.

  • Need sleep: Lavender tea
  • Uneasy: peppermint tea
  • Anxious: Tart cherry tea
  • Positivity: Indian masala tea
  • Need energy: Black tea
  • Uncomfortable: Ginger tea
  • Angry: lemon or Orange tea
  • Stressed: Chamomile tea
  • Depressed: Lemongrass tea
  • Tired: Green tea