Chargaff’s rule

1905-2002 By Erwin chargaff It states that in all DNA, Pyrimidines and Purines must have 1:1 Adenine : Thymine Cytosine : Guanine i.e., the amount of adenine = amount of thymine similarly, the amount of cytosine = amount of guanine. It indicated that DNA is symmetrical.                (A)Double bond (T)    and   (C) triple bond (G)

DNA : A carrier of genetic information

Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA as a genetic material First extracted from, nuclei in 1870 Named “nuclein” Chemical analysis: determined DNA as a weal acid and rich in Phosphorous Furthered named DNA, as lot of information provided by name: Deoxyribonucleic acid                        Contains sugar (deoxyribose) Weakly acidic Found in Nucleus Only four different subunits makes up DNA Chromosome …

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