What type of milk should you give to children?

Only breast milk or formula milk should be given as a main drink to children under one. Cow’s milk does not contain the right balance of nutrients to meet a baby’s need at this age.

Breast feeding - Biology Notes for IGCSE 2014

Cow’s milk can be used for cooking, for ex. to make a cheese sauce, and can be introduced as a main drink when your baby is a year old if you wish.

If your child is between the age of one and two, you should give him/her whole milk.

From two years onwards, you can begin to introduce semi-skimmed milk, provided your child is eating and growing well.

Skimmed milk and 1% fat milk are not suitable as main drinks for children under five.

Young children need the extra energy, fat and vitamin A in whole milk compared to lower fat varieties, which are important for growth and development.

Children who drink whole milk 'less likely to be obese' – study