Human Rights

Forms of violence experienced by women throughout their lifespan

Prenatal/Prebirth Pre-birth elimination of femalesPhysical battery during pregnancy (physical abuse) Infancy   Female infanticide (killing of a new born female child)Emotional and physical abuseDifferential access to food and medical care Childhood/Girlhood Child marriageChild sexual abuse by family members or strangersEmotional and physical abuseGenital mutilationChild prostitution (exchange of sexual act for money)Differential access to care, nutrition, …

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Types of violence against women

Domestic violence/Domestic abuse/battering/Family violence/Silent crime A pattern of behavior that involves violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation. Violence within the home is widespread and affects women throughout society. The perpetrators are close relatives of the women – father, husband, and his family, …

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Human Rights

Human Rights refer to the concept of human beings as having universal natural rights, or status, regardless of legal jurisdiction or other localizing, such as ethnicity, nationality, and sex. Human beings are born equal in dignity and rights. These are moral claims which are inherent in all individuals by virtue of their humanity alone, irrespective …

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