In vain have you
acquired knowledge
if you have not
imparted it to others.

Deuteronomy Rabbah

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Self care is nothing hard, it is just taking time to do what makes your soul happy. It is so
Derived from: Glykys – sweet Lysis – breakdown/loosing That is glycolysis means: loosing or splitting of Glucose Produces energy: -60
Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the ever increasing demands of life. These demands come from work,
If you love to have stress, your stress will make you sick and your body suffers by: SHORT TERM Sleeping
Generalizations T-cells recognize foreign protein antigens if these are displayed within the cleft of MHC displayed on the PM.The protein
MEN           Height( inches)              Weight( in Kg)  4’1030-464’1140-495’042-535’145-555’248-585’350-605’452-645’555-685’658-705’760-735’865-725’965-805’1067-835’11 6’070-85 72-88 WOMEN Height(inches)Weight(in Kg)  4’730-374’832-394’934-424’1036-444’1139-475’040-495’143-525’2 5’344-54 47-575’449-595’551-625’653-645’755-675’857-695’9 5’10 5’1159-72 61-74 63-77
Paneer makhni For tomato onion gravy: Oil: ½ tbspCumin seeds: 1/2tspOnions: 2 (sliced)Coriander powder: 2 tspTurmeric powder: 1/4tspRed chili powder:
Proper breakfast and weight loss Studies show that eating a proper breakfast is one of the most positive things you
Proteins are biological polymers composed of amino acids.Amino acids linked together by peptide bond to form a polypeptide chain.One or
A – DNA Much wider and flatter.Right handed helix.major grooves: Narrow and deepminor grooves: wide and shallowGlycosidic bonds – anti-form11
Have a raw material of:  Amla berriesShikakai podsFenugreek seedsReetha Amla: contains vitamin C, anti-bacteria, anti-fungal. Shikakai: vitamin-A, C,E  and K
Work out more....but not too close to bedtime Stop caffeine 8 hours before bedtime Turn off electronics 1 hour before
Life is a great blessing of God. It should be spent on a purpose, with certain aim. Everyone should have