Yes, I Am Selfish

Yes I am selfish!

This word selfish has always been looked down upon as a bad word. Why is that?

It means lacking consideration for others or one who just care for oneself. That’s just a dictionary definition of the word. However, in present times I feel this word has a greater meaning.

I wasn’t selfish before……somehow I realized with time that being selfless doesn’t help.

I turned selfish because it keeps my heart safe, it gives me clarity, it makes me strong because I place myself first in any situation.

I started looking at world from my own eyes.

If I place myself above others so that I don’t get hurt by putting other’s happiness above mine then how am I wrong?

I understand that in life we don’t always get what we want and we need to adjust. But where I am getting hurt then why should I suffer in silence?

  • If someone or something bothers me then I will raise my opinion rationally. If that seems selfish then Yes I am selfish.
  • My opinion might seem unpleasant to someone but at least I am being honest self and not wearing a mask. I choose to vent out than keep mum and act pretentious. Because I am selfish enough to have peace of mind than staying agitated.
  • I was the most selfless person but not anymore! I realized people don’t value your efforts or time or goodness. So let them think I am selfish – at least in my own eyes I stand tall and am able to face world boldly.
  • I would rather look at the world from my eyes than lead it on someone else’s. I place my feelings at the highest pedestal because this world might not be on my side so atleast let me be my own knight, my own Soldier, my own Sceptre holder.

Let me be selfish.