Detox Drinks

Detox drinks are fast gaining recognition in the fitness world for preventing toxic overload and major health problems. Toxic intake which is not excreted properly may can cause bloating, gas, headaches, constipation, headaches, fatigues, nausea, skin problems, bad breath and bring your energy levels really down.

  •  For digestion, weight loss, and skin

Lemon juice + Cucumber + Mint + Ginger + Water

Cucumber is good for skin

Mint is good for digestion

Ginger is good for weight loss

Drink is good for stomach bloat

  • Orange and Ginger juice for immunity

Juice of carrot, oranges, lemon

Add turmeric and crushed ginger

  • Lemona  act as good source of vitamin C, soluble fiber

Blend lemon, mint, honey, ice

  • Pomegranate juice for removing free radicals and protect cells from damage

Pomegranate, beetroot (exception), aloe vera, black pepper

  • Lemon-honey-ginger tea for digestive system

Take 3 cups of water in a utensil

Before it begins to boil, add ginger

Just as it starts to boil, add tea leaves, lemon juice and honey

Strain it into a cup and enjoy

  • Haldi tea  for immunity and antioxidant

Take water in a utensil and start heating up

Add haldi, ginger(chopped), black pepper, honey

Keep gas in simmer

Stir well

Keep boiling the water till it reduces to half

Serve hot

  • For fat burning, digestion and headaches

Green tea + mint + lime

  • For immunity

Boil water

Add turmeric + honey + lemon juice

  • Mint water for digestion

Mint leaves + coriander + salt + black salt + cumin + hing + ginger + amchur + black pepper + sugar + lemon juice

Mix well

Add water for mixing all these ingredients

Present with ice cubes + above mixture + water + boondi

  • For cold, cough and acts as a diuretic

Honey + lemon juice + warm water

Stir well

Present with lemon and mint

  • For nutrients and antioxidant

Ice cubes + tomatoes + ginger + mint + black salt + black pepper

Blend well

  • For boosting stamina and also acts as a detoxifier, cleanse the body

Carrots + orange or beetroot + apple + ginger + lemon juice

Blend and add ice cubes.

  • For clearer skin

Cucumber + lemon = mint + water

  • For metabolism booster

Apples + cinnamon sticks + water

  • For weight loss

Cucumber + grapefruit + water