Rumali Roti

Servings : 10 roti

Take 2 cup maida + ¼ cup wheat flour + 1 tsp salt

Mix well

¾ cup milk and mix well

Knead it ( add milk as required ) – form a sticky dough

Add 2tbsp oil and knead for 5 minutes – smooth and non-sticky dough

Grease the dough and rest for 4 hours

After 4 hours

Knead the dough again

Pinch a ball sized dough

Dust on maida

Roll gently

Roll as thin as possible, dusting maida to prevent from sticking

Heat a kadai ( utensil ) in high flame for 2 minutes

Flip over a kadai and sprinkle saltwater ( helps to make a non stick coating to kadai )

Take the rolled roti and stretch gently

Place over a hot kadai

Until still the bubbles start to appear

Flip over the roti and press cooking on all the sides

Finally, fold  rumali roti and enjoy with curry.