Rising from the dense jungles in the Gran Sabana region of eastern Vene zuela is the world’s highest waterfall, the Angel Falls. It spurts from the side of the great tableland or mesa known as Au yan-Tepui or Devil Mountain and is fif teen times higher than the famous Niagara Falls.

The Angel Falls were amazingly disco vered as recently as 1935 by aviator James Angel, after whom they are named. The Falls are the most difficult to reach as they have a very remote, out landish location.

Huge gaps, crevices and fissures on Devil’s Mountain trap the heavy tropical rainfall until the waters burst out where, at the base, they form a huge pool and finally drain into the Churun, a tributary of River Caroni. Behind the waterfall is a huge, natural amphitheatre. The magnifi cent Angel Falls can only be seen in their entirety from the air.


1. In which country is the Angel Falls located?

2. In which year was it discovered?

3. Who discovered the Angel Falls?

4. Into which river does the Angel Falls drain?