The Great Wall of China

During his reign between 246 and 209 B.C., Shih Huang Ti unified China. To protect his empire from the Huns, he ordered the Great Wall of China to be erected. About 300,000 men labored for 10 years to build the Wall.

Initially, no dynasties kept the Wall in the state of repairs. It was only in 1420 that Emperor Yung Lo of the Ming Dynasty ordered its reconstruction.

The Wall, about 4,000 miles long, runs from the eastern end of the town of Shanhaiguan and ends near the town of Jiayuguan. It is thought to be the only man-made structure to be seen from outer space. The Wall is built in the earth, stone, and bricks.

Though mainly defensive, the Great Wall is a mighty piece of military engineering. It is also a way of communication through mountain ranges where movement is difficult.


Q. In which century was the Great Wall of China built?

Q. Who ordered its construction?

Q. In 1420 which emperor ordered the reconstruction of the Great Wall?

Q. What is the length of the Wall?