Tandoori Momos in a pan


Bowl + purpose flour +salt +water

Knead it

Dough should be stiff


Cabbage +onion +salt

Mix well

Remove water of cabbage by adding the above mixture in a cloth and squeeze it

Add ginger +black pepper +oil

Mix well

  • Make balls of dough, Flatten  the ball, add filling and twist the above part of dough and deep fry.


Bowl +vesan +salt +chat masalla +kasuri methi +red chilli powder +black salt +garam masalla +lemon juice + red colour + dry coriander +ginger garlic paste +curd

Mix well

Add mustard oil

Add momos in it.

Activated charcoal

Add aluminium foil in the center of marinated momos, Add hot  activated charcoal on it, add some ghee on the top of charcoal and cover it for a while.

It gives a perfect fragnance.

Two different techniques

  • Full hot pan

add momos

add little oil on top of momos

shallow fry.

  • Knitting sticks

Add momos

Cook on medium gas.

Receipe to next level

Momos + long onion + cabbage +coriander +chat masalla + lemon juice

Mix well


Momos + red chutney + cabbage onion mixture.

Serve hot and enjoy.