Important Scientific Instruments

AltimeterIt measures altitudes and is used in aircrafts.
AmmeterIt measures strength of electric current.
AnemometerIt measures force and velocity of wind.
AudiometerIt measures intensity of sound.
AudiophoneIt is used for improving imperfect sense of hearing.
BarometerIt measures atmospheric pressure.
BinocularIt is used to view distant objects.
DynamoIt converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
FathometerIt measures the depth of the ocean.
HydrometerIt measures the specific gravity of liquids.
HygrometerIt measures humidity in air.
LactometerIt determines the purity of milk.
MicroscopeIt is used to obtain magnified view of small objects.
PeriscopeIt is used to view objects above sea level (used in sub-marines).
PyrometerIt measures very high temperature.
RadarIt is used for detecting the direction and range of an approaching plane by means of radio microwaves.
SeismographIt measures the intensity of earthquake shocks.
StethoscopeUsed to hear and analyse heart and lungs sound.
TelescopeIt views distant objects in space.
ThermometerUsed for the measurement of human body temperature.
VoltmeterIt measures the electric potential difference between two points.